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Frozen berries

IQF raspberry

IQF raspberry


Specifications of IQF Raspberries


  1. Description of Raspberries:

All raspberries are of Chinese origin, to be without calyx, without stalks, cleanly washed, carefully sorted, without molded Raspberries, without rotten Raspberries, metal detected and free from any foreign substance.

B. Packaging:
(1) Pack size: as to customers’ request, normal is 10kg per Carton.or 1x30lb/ctn
(2) Pack type: Export standard outer case, no nails, flaps are to be sealed with self adhesive freezer stable tape, the cartons is waterproof, new polythene food grade liner.
(3) Labeling: buyers’ request, normally including product Description, Country of Origin, Weight, Product Date (dd-mm-yy), Best Before date.

C.Standard Analytical Data of Grade A Raspberries (per 10kg)

Size: natural size,uncalibrated

Colour: 100% of fine regular red raspberries color.

Taste: typical of the raspberries, without any off-taste.

Unripe and overripe fruits: None

Broken-damaged squashed and misshapen fruits: Max 8% by weight.

Calyx: Nil

Leaves: Nil

Metal/glass/plastic/stone/sand/soil or any other FMV/EVM: Non-existence.

Contamination: pesticides, fungicides, metals, mycotoxines, radioactivity, according to EEC regulations and China National Standards.

Microbiology: NO apparent disease.

Storage and transporting: cleanly stored and transported at or under temperature of minus 18 degrees centigrade (DC).


D. Microbiological Description:

(1) T.V.C. 1000/G
(2) Yeast <300CFU/G
(3) Moulds <300CFU/G
(4) Salmonella NIL
(5) Pathogenic bacteria NIL
(6) Coliforms NIL
(7) E.coli NIL

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